Remember Me France vous souhaite de belles fêtes !

Association Remember Me France aims to help animals in need, specifically those in the city of Pascani in Romania, where the association has its own private shelter: Remember Me Land. The shelter permanently hosts around 350 dogs, puppies and cats, saved from the streets or from killing shelters. The association aims to find adoption homes for as many of them as possible in France, Belgium, Switzerland and elsewhere.

The 2022 calendars have arrived!

Some have been asking about them, the 2022 calendars of Remember Me France are now for sale! For dog lovers or adopters of dogs from Romania or elsewhere: each page of this calendar will reveal dogs that are beautiful in one way or another, who are all waiting for their family at the shelter.

Remember Me Park

Our dream: a safe haven for Romanian dogs in France, a small shelter just for them, a passage on their way to happiness.

Here, we would be able to welcome fragile puppies that can't survive the winter, old and sick dogs, handicapped dogs, and those that require special veterinary care, as well as fearful dogs that require daily training to progress and become adoptable in France.

Remember Me Park permettrait de libérer des places à Remember Me Land, et ainsi de pouvoir sauver davantage de chiens menacés d’euthanasie dans les fourrières publiques roumaines telles que Roman, Golesti, Orastie, ou Piatra Neamt.

Please consider those in urgent need!


Female, born in 2016
At our shelter since June 2017


Female, born in 2016
At our shelter since August 2017


Male, born in 2013
At our shelter since April 2018

Our adoptable animals

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