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Qui sommes-nous?

L’Association Remember Me France aims to help animals in need, and specifically those in the city of Pascani in Romaniawhere this association has its own private refuge: Remember Me Land.

The shelter hosts permanently environ 350 chiens, chiots et chats, sauvés de la rue ou de fourrières mouroir. It is managed by our Romanian veterinarian, Émilie (vice president of the association and dog trainer), and three guardians. Remember Me France is able to operate thanks to the help from its volunteers, who spend their free time trying to get as many dogs and cats as possible adopted in France, Switzerland and Belgium every month.

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Our history

L’ancienne fourrière publique de Pascani

Association Remember Me France was created in October 2014. For numerous years, the municipal pound of Pascani, Romania, detained several hundreds of dogs in atrocious conditions. Hundreds of those were saved and rehomed in France, but more and more new ones kept coming...

In August 2015, the construction of the access route kicked off, in October, the first dogs arrived and in December, the public pound of Pascani was empty!

L’ancienne fourrière publique de Pascani

Origin of the association

The plane waits for us on the tarmac. We look at it, tense and with a knot in our stomache. What made us decide to take this long trip in the direction of Romania? And above all, what is awaiting us on "the other side"? But there is no question of turning back, because we know what unites us: THEM.

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Remember, notre étoile et emblème de notre association, atteint du parvovirose

Our team

Our status

We are a non-profit association, and our team is composed entirely of volunteers. Every penny that we receive is used only to save, defend and protect animals, in every way possible. 

Remember Me France is an association by law 1901managed by a Governing Board. The association is registered under number W841002435 with the sous-préfecture of Apt. SIRET number 807 405 00010.

The association's shelter, Remember Me land, is officially recognized and certified by the Romanian stateVery few shelters are legalized in Romania. There is only one other private legalized shelter in the entire region of Iași; the other legal shelters are the municipal pounds.

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